Risk insurance for families, professionals and businesses


Protect yourself and your family

What would happen to your family if you lost your regular income when the Bills still keep rolling in?

Would this mean that you have to cash in your investments which destroys your wealth accumulation plans or worse still see the bank forcefully sell your assets because you cannot make the payments?

Personal risk protection provides cash in the event of death, inability to work due to sickness and/or accident, diagnosis of a potentially life threatening illness or total and permanent incapacity.

Protecting your business value

Do you operate a business with a partner(s) or rely on a couple of key personnel to produce the majority of your business revenue?

Have you thought about what happens to your hard earned business value if your one of these parties suddenly dies, suffers a significant trauma or disability event?

How do you fund the purchase of your departing business partner’s equity or can you operate the business successful with your business partner’s spouse?

A smart business succession plan plays an important role in ensuring that both the business and its owners are protected in the event of the departure of an owner, whether due to a voluntary or involuntary event. Make sure you seek our Key advice to guide you through the minefield of issues such as Funding Arrangements, Capital Gains Taxation and Cash Flow impacts when considering the success of protecting your Business.